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Applications are now closed.

Applications are closed

If you would still like to be involved, then write for us, start by clicking the submission button on the home page menu.

UCL Science Magazine is currently looking for committee members, apply for one or more of these roles to help run the society.

You can apply for these positions using the google form link below, depending on your long answer responses you will be contacted for an online interview:

UCL Science Magazine committee
Are you passionate about Science journalism and research? This society aims to write online articles across all of the sciences, run academic talks and organise socials for stem students. We are currently setting up the society with the student union and have certain positions available for the n…
Google form for applications 

There is only one position for each role. Below we will briefly describe each role:

  • As vice president you will be looking for sponsorships to help fund the society and assist the president, you will get to make major decisions on how the society is structured and run, leadership skills are crucial.
  • As social secretary, you will organise all the social events during the year for the society, such as journalism meetings, freshers events at the start of the year, activities, STEM ball, etc.
  • As social media and graphic design officer, you will be able to design advertisements and logos for the society, as well as the permanent emblem of this society. You will also be in control of social media posts for the science magazine's Instagram.
  • The academic officer's main responsibility is to organise academic talks with distinguished guests in the scientific community around the world, both online and in person.