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How to write for us?

If you would like to contribute to the UCL community, write a gripping article on pioneering scientific research in your favourite area of science. Students are encouraged to write articles on topics outside of their field of study, but we advise they spend the necessary time understanding key concepts first.

Download our writer's guide to find details on our code of conduct, proposal and writing tips as well as key contact information.

How to submit an article?

First, fill out the proposal form below to ensure that your article topic is valid, we prefer students to propose an article before writing. We do this so that students spend the necessary time thinking about and planning their articles. In the rare scenario a proposal is turned down, we will provide advice on alterations for it to then be re-proposed.

Once you fill the proposal form, you will be contacted by your designated editor. They will guide you through the drafting process for your article to be published.